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Ep 2: Jennine Estes on Affairs, Infidelity, and Rebuilding Trust

Really happy with the way things are going, another GREAT episode! Jennine Estes has more than a decade of experience working with couples, and today she shares a TON of amazing info on how to deal with infidelity, step by step – both for the partner who was cheated on AND the person who had the affair.

I love that because it’s an angle that’s rarely covered. If we shame people who cheat and don’t try to understand the underlying causes we can’t move forward.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of the show, links so you can listen to the episode, and a list of all the relevant links we mentioned in the show.

Episode Summary:

1:20 – If You’ve Had An Affair, Do This To Fix Your Relationship
5:10 – 5 Steps to Overcoming Infidelity in Your Relationship
7:35 – Long Term Affairs vs One Night Stands
16:00 – Admitting an Affair vs Being Caught
21:30 – What To Do When You Develop Feelings for Someone Else
25:15 – Dealing with Frustration and Anxiety caused by cheating
28:35 – Modern Technology and Cheating: texting, tinder and more
34:30 – If Needs Aren’t Met for Years, Is Cheating OK?
38:25 – Should You Change For Your Partner?
41:40 – How to Set Realistic Expectations Without Settling

Listen to Episode 2: Jennine Estes on Affairs, Infidelity, and Rebuilding Trust


Download this episode as an MP3 here

Links and Topics from the Episode:

1) Jennine’s (very nicely designed) website.

2) An AMAZING podcast by Jennine a fellow couples therapist on relationships. If you like what I cover, you’ll LOVE her podcast.

3) Jennine’s blog offering free relationship advice. She’s super knowledgeable and offers a ton of solutions to practical relationship problems.

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  • Elle says:

    Hi Ryan,
    Love what you’re doing to educate people better about infidelity and how to heal from it. Wanted to let you know about a Web site (www.betrayedwivesclub.blogspot.com) I created six years ago after learning about my husband’s infidelity. It has become a hub of support for women who, primarily, choose to stay and rebuild their marriages. It can be hard for those of us who don’t leave — our culture doesn’t really support anything but a “kick the bum out, don’t be a doormat” narrative. It’s crucial to have a safe place to share your story, get advice, and hear compassionate supportive, non-judgemental views about how to move forward from this entirely too common situation.

    Kind regards,

  • Alma Theresa says:

    Very informative content ryan

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