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Are you serious about saving or improving your relationship?

Even the healthiest relationships take work – like a car, they need regular maintenance to keep them running well. And, just like a car, when you run into a problem it’s best to have it repaired right away.

Your relationship with your spouse or partner is no different. While many couples can perform these basic “repairs” themselves, others need the help of a professional despite their best efforts.

As a couples counsellor in the Hamilton area, I am proud to offer the following areas of support when it comes to helping your relationship:

  • Anxiety
  • Blended Family Challenges
  • Communication Problems
  • Constant Arguing
  • Emotional Escalation and Blow Ups
  • Family Conflict
  • Feeling Tension, Always On Eggshells
  • Lack of Sexual / Emotional Intimacy
  • Insecurity, Jealousy, Trust Issues
  • Infidelity
  • Issues Coming Up Again and Again
  • Shutting Down and Not Talking
  • Trauma
  • Up and Down Cycles

This list is in no way comprehensive and I invite you to contact me if you are dealing with an issue in your relationship not listed here.

How Can Couples Counselling Help You?

So often, couples try to create their own solutions to their problems but get stuck in the mindset that their solution is “right” and that their partner needs to see it “their way”.

When you seek couples counselling from a professional, you receive an objective and unbiased assessment of your unique situation and a solution tailored to a deeper understanding of the core issues.

All in all, you’ll end up with a solution that fits you and your partner.

Throughout couples counselling sessions, you can expect to experience the following benefits:

  • Improved marital satisfaction
  • Reduced ineffective patterns (such as arguments and poor conflict resolution)
  • Improved parenting skills
  • Improved trust and confidence in the relationship.
  • Increased intimacy.

Couples counselling can be a crucial step in preventing an unwanted or unnecessary separation or divorce from your partner. Otherwise, it can help you dissolve your relationship in a way that is healthy and respectful for everyone involved.

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Oh man this has helped, I can't believe how much it's helped. You have this ability to cut through the crap and help us see the real issues. You honestly have a gift for this.

Adrian & JessicaFormer couples therapy clients

What’s Different About My Approach:

Couples counselling isn’t a guaranteed method of saving every relationship. That said, if you and your partner are willing to come to therapy and put in the work, it’s never too late! I am committed to getting to know both individuals on a deeper level to pinpoint struggles and tailor solutions to your unique situation.

1. Modern, Effective Attachment-Based Therapy

Attachment therapy is a new concept that is proving to be more effective than traditional therapy methods – especially when it comes to couples. Through attachment therapy, we can explore your early attachment experiences and how they relate and affect your thoughts, feelings, behaviours and the way you and your partner communicate.

2. Normal, Down to Earth Approach

Speaking only about your issues in a relationship can be intimidating, especially for those who dislike conflict. I’m not here to incite a screaming match – I want to talk to you and your partner in a conversational way while providing my support, knowledge and expertise.

3. World-Class Expertise and Resources

In addition to counselling sessions with clients, I also produce videos, write articles, host a psychology podcast, and I’m the clinical director of Empire Psychological in Hamilton. To stay up to date, I take part in continuing education related to the latest in attachment therapy.

Are You Ready for Change?

While not all relationships are salvageable – isn’t it worth giving it a chance?

So many couples want to throw in the towel before addressing the core issues that are causing conflict. Imagine overcoming the root of your relationship problems and living a happy and fulfilling life with your partner.

If you’re willing to put in the effort, I can help! It takes hard work, but rest assured there is a clear path to resolving conflict, rebuilding trust and intimacy, and improving communication. I’ve been helping couples do just that for more than 10 years. 

You and your partner will get the support, guidance and tools you need to face and resolve your issues.

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Thanks Ryan for helping me and my hubby step up to make the relationship work. Before we started working with you, I really thought I was going to leave him. ... I couldn't believe the impact our first session with you had.

Tianna & RayFormer couples therapy clients

Counselling: Common Questions

How Does This All Work? How Do We Get Started?

The first step is contacting me to book a free phone consult. I need to have a general idea of what’s happening before I can provide you with feedback, and talking on the phone also gives us a chance to see if we’re a good fit before meeting for a real session. Use the contact form below to send me a message, and I’ll do my best to get back to you within 24 hours.

    Do You See Clients On Evenings and Weekends?

    Absolutely. Counselling sessions are available from 10 AM – 10 PM at both my Hamilton office and Stoney Creek office.

    What If My Partner Doesn’t Want to Attend Couples Therapy?

    This is a pretty common situation, and I’m always happy to answer questions from reluctant partners. Most of the time, their idea of what therapy is like and how I actually do things are very different. One person can still learn and improve their awareness of relationship patterns if they come in solo. This type of learning focused on identifying negative relationship patterns and their solutions will help, but it’s always easier with both partners putting in effort.

    Therapists Pick Sides… Why Should I Go?

    If someone is worried about favouritism, they usually imagine couples therapy as an attack session. They go in, get ripped apart for all the stuff they’ve done, and then leave. This is a hallmark of horrible therapeutic work, and if you experience this I recommend seeing someone else. Keep in mind though, sometimes you are just honestly responsible for something. Owning it is part of the process and has nothing to do with guilting, blaming, or picking sides. If you have any concerns or anxieties about favouritism in couples therapy, please don’t hesitate to contact me and I’d be happy to talk with you about it.

    How Often Are Couples Therapy Sessions?

    However often is necessary – it depends entirely on your needs and how much time you’re willing to put into working on your relationship. As a guideline, typically you start weekly for 2 sessions, and move to biweekly after that.

    One Week I Want Couples Therapy, Next Week We’re OK. Can You Help?

    Definitely. I see this often, and if this is you, the way to break this pattern is to go to therapy when things are good. When in crisis you want therapy, but when things calm down a bit you lose your motivation. This pattern will likely continue until you seek help during the positive phase of the cycle.

    Can Couples Therapy Actually Help With (Specific Relationship Issue)?

    I’ve worked with people in circumstances you probably wouldn’t believe. Everyday people, celebrities, blue collar, white collar, accountants, artists… all types of people, from all kinds of backgrounds, all over the world. It doesn’t matter who you are or what issues you’re facing, what matters is the effort you put in. The most successful clients I’ve ever worked with are those who are dedicated, put in the work, and do so consistently.

    How Much Are Couples Therapy Sessions at Your Hamilton Office?

    There are several therapists at my practice, each with their own rates. A very safe estimate is around $170 per session for couples therapy.

    Is Couples Therapy Covered By Benefits?

    Coverage varies from plan to plan, but most plans will provide coverage. To see if your plan will cover couples therapy, please contact me to do a free phone consultation.

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