Counselling and Couples Therapy Burlington
Counselling and Couples Therapy Burlington Hamilton
Counselling and Couples Therapy Burlington

A Little Bit of Background

Since 2009, I’ve been doing individual counselling and couples therapy. I work with clients all over the world via Skype, and I see people locally throughout the Greater Toronto and Greater Hamilton Area.

Never thought I’d be doing this as a career.

I had no interest in psychology growing up. After high school I did what every guy in Alberta does, and worked in the oil patch. The money was great, but the downside was working far away from home for 21+ days straight.

While I was working, my girlfriend of three years was seeing someone else. That kind of sucked, and I thought seeing a counsellor would help me feel better.

My Experiences as a Counselling Client

I went to a counsellor to try and sort myself out, and she was awful. When I told her what happened, she asked how it made me feel. Since no reasonable human would ask such a dumb question, I assumed she was either a robot or an idiot, and I got the hell outta there.

Thinking that a guy might understand better, I found a male counsellor. For the first several minutes, we sat in silence. I asked if he was going to talk, and he asked what I wanted him to say. I suggested he give me advice, and he asked what advice I wanted to hear. Frustrating is an understatement.

If I couldn’t find a good, down to earth counsellor, maybe other people shared my frustration. I ran with the idea, went to university as a psych major, and started my own practice so I could do things properly.

Work With Me

I offer counselling and couples therapy in Burlington, London, Mississauga, Oakville, Stoney Creek, and Toronto. If you’re interested in working with me, visit my counselling and couples therapy page.


Burlington Counselling Testimonial

——————————————- Client Reviews
Oh man this has helped, I can’t believe how much it’s helped. It’s been going really well, we communicate a lot better. You have this ability to cut through the crap and help us see the real issues. You honestly have a gift for this. We remember our love for each other, not that we forgot, but when you’re constantly mad at someone it can be hard to remember. We connect, we went out last week and it was like old times. We talked, held hands, we laughed. We still fight of course but it’s different now. We learned how to see each other’s perspectives. The last time we fought, we went out to dinner the same night instead of it ruining our night and carrying over to the next day.
-Adrian & Jessica, Stoney Creek

What you did in the three months we worked together was more than I accomplished in five years of weekly sessions with my psychiatrist.
-Keri, Small Business Owner, Atlanta

I can’t use words to describe how much your help means. I just can’t put it into words, you’re such a good person to do all the extra things you do to go beyond what you have to do. Just like in my industry there’s some people who shouldn’t even be licensed, and some who are really competent at their job, some counsellors just shouldn’t bother, and you’re an example of how people should be doing this. It’s just so frustrating talking to someone who doesn’t care, or doesn’t understand. It means so much to me to have someone who really cares to talk to is like a burden off my shoulders and if it weren’t for you it’s something I wouldn’t have. Thank you, thanks again, really, thank you.
-Paul, Truck Driver, Grimsby

Thanks bud you were 100 times better than the counsellor me and Amber saw last time. I will recommend you to everyone I know.
-Josh & Amber, Burlington

FYI yesterday’s session was a really pivotal point in the right direction for me thanks!!!!! You’ve said feedback is helpful so THANK YOU!! I sometimes wonder where our family would be if you and I hadn’t crossed paths.
-Justin & Brianne, Edmonton

I have to tell you, I really like how you come to our house. It’s so much more comfortable. I feel so much more relaxed, it’s a lot easier to open up and talk about things here. Plus there’s so much attached to your house, you know? We’ve spent so long arguing and fighting here that it feels natural. I think working through things here was a lot more helpful, we wouldn’t have made the same progress in your office.
-Jeff and Janine, Oakville

My doctor laughs because he has to send me home with a blood pressure cuff, and I have to do my blood pressure at home. I get so anxious going to his office he can’t get a good reading. I don’t have to do that any more, and you can tell the people on your website I’m 54 and this is something I’ve been dealing with my whole adult life. I feel like a different person and I didn’t think this kind of change was possible at this point. You’ve helped me in such a big way.
-Lisa, Teacher, Stoney Creek

After a session I always feel positive and recharged. I’ve been to a few different counsellors throughout my life, and sessions with them always left me feeling drained and mentally exhausted. I truly get the impression you aren’t judging me and genuinely want to help. Keep doing what you’re doing! Thanks again!
-Tyler, Biochemist, Edmonton

It’s like you reached into my head and turned on the light, I feel like I’m fully aware and alive now for the first time in my life. There was so much I couldn’t deal with because I didn’t even know it existed. Now I see how everything connects, like a whole layer of reality I couldn’t see before.
-Tara, Marketing Executive, Edmonton

Listen, I just wanted to say: thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. Seriously, thank you.
-Nicole, Small Business Owner, Seattle

Thanks for the follow up and thank you again for fitting us in last minute when we came to see you. Since our first session we’ve been talking a bit more lately… not 100% but we’re definitely on the right path. Thanks again for your help, we definitely got some things off of our chest (well… mostly me), and I think that was what needed to happen.
-Aileen & Ken, Stoney Creek

Admittedly I was hesitant to get counselling. Our sessions changed the way I look at this kind of stuff, the analogy you used between counselling being for all types of issues being like doctors seeing people with minor colds and people with diseases helped a lot. I admire the passion you bring and how invested you were in my success. Thanks again, best of luck to you in the future.
-Rob, Petroleum Engineer, Calgary

It (edit: counselling) really helped today. I think it’s just showing my wife I’m serious about getting help. Also us doing therapy with you shows her I’m really trying. Thanks a million, we have been getting along great since the meeting.
-Kyle & Marie, Mississauga

The difference between you and the other counsellors I’ve tried is you’re right there with me listening and relating, telling me similar experiences you’ve been through. You’re not jotting things down on a pad and nodding your head like a robot – you connected with me as a human being and I could tell that you actually cared.
-Jack, Senior Account Manager, New Jersey

You were an inspiration and you changed my life. You helped me get where I needed to be. The promotion, the confidence, all of it was done with your help. Don’t ever forget how much you helped me.
-Peter, Real Estate Agent, San Diego

I can’t tell you how optimistic I am going forward. The weight is cut from me, what happened with my parents, my dad, my ex-husband, it’s no longer constantly in the forefront. It makes so much sense to me now.
-Jennifer, Registered Nurse, Edmonton

I’ve always been my own worst enemy and own worst critic. When you get cheated on by someone you really care about it destroys your whole reality. I got so beat down. The guy I am now would never tolerate any of that. I’m secure enough in myself now that I don’t need to tolerate bullshit just to have someone around.
-Chris, Attorney, Philadelphia

I can’t believe where I’m at in my head. My confidence, my self-esteem, my outlook on life. The whole experience of working with you was so eye opening. I tell everyone about you.
-Tim, Environmental Consultant, New York

I wouldn’t be where I’m at right now if I didn’t meet you. I’m scared to death to think of where I would be without your help, probably in the basement with a beer feeling bummed out watching football. You pulled my head out of my ass and made me realize what was going on and how to fix it.
-Michael, Financial Advisor, Pittsburgh

I see why you got into this. All the other counsellors we have seen have not helped us feel any better. The one me and Christine went to together was garbage as well. So I think that this is definitely your calling and you will be able to help lots of people get their lives back on track. Must feel very rewarding.
-Brad & Christine, Toronto

Your style and the way you approach helping the modern person is why it works so well. Your out of the box thinking style and the way you adapted to my situation and didn’t follow the conventional way of dealing with it. We talked like two guys having beer – I never had to walk into your office and sit on your couch while you grab my folder or something. We go on Skype and it’s just like what’s up man, here’s what’s going on in my life right now, what do you think?
-George, Accountant, Chicago

You’re very easy to relate to, it’s like I’m talking to an old friend. I’m not just your 1 PM appointment, I’m a person you genuinely care about. You truly want to help people be their best, and it shows through in your dedication to clients.
-Emily, Maintenance Supervisor, Phoenix

There was no pressure. With you, there was no rigid plan on what we have to do, we worked on whatever was bothering me most and you made it fit into the overall plan we worked out together.
-Evelyn, Hospitality Manager, Kelowna

I didn’t feel judged at all. With other counsellors I felt like a lab rat or something, but I felt like you actually cared and really wanted to help.
-Katie, Writer, Thunder Bay

I don’t feel like shit anymore. A lot of it is hard work on my end, but I wouldn’t have even been able to get started without you. You gave me the step-by-step plan I needed to make the changes I’ve always wanted to make. My life is so much better now than I could’ve imagined even just 6 months ago. Thanks for everything.
-Stefan, Sales Manager, Rochester

You were engaged and interested. You stopped and we talked about things that bothered me a lot in depth. You weren’t just relying on a textbook or a theory, you were relating to me through your own similar experiences.
-Matt, Physician, Vancouver

You took more of an interest in figuring me out and trying innovative approaches to my problems than the therapist I was seeing for over 3 years.
-Maryanne, PR & Customer Relations, Sydney

It’s so easy to talk to you because you’ve been there, you know what I’m going through, you know how much it hurts, and I can see that. You’re not dispensing advice from the top of some ivory tower, you’re in the trenches with me showing me the way forward.
-Rachel, Engineer, Toronto

Thanks Ryan for helping me and my hubby step up to make the relationship work. Before we started working with you, I really thought I was going to leave him. I stayed because he had a willingness (just a tiny bit) to get counselling. I couldn’t believe the impact our first session with you was. You knew to talk to him in a way that encouraged him to step up. Our relationship was getting dull and it badly needed a reset. What you taught us about how to go about dates like it’s a menu of having an appetizer, main course, dessert… that alone actually helped us look forward to our next one. We’re still a work in progress but the help you gave us definitely made a difference in drawing us closer again.
-Tiana, Small Business Owner, LA

You’re the every day guy. You like sports, you’re easy to talk to, you’re not pretentious. I’ve been looking for a counsellor like you for years.
-Rick, Home Inspector, Edmonton

I can’t believe how long I lived and identified with this version of myself. I spent most of my life thinking I don’t deserve success. You changed that, and you changed my life. People like you get famous, write books, go on TV. I can’t wait for that to happen for you mate, you deserve it. I can look back and say I worked with you at the beginning, I know that guy.
-Trevor, Teacher, UK

I really thank you for what you did for me.
-Michelle, Social Worker, Newark

The last person we saw, we went there expecting to fight. When we got there we were already tense, because that’s basically what it felt like, is all he wanted to do was see us fight. That’s the way you felt every time you went there. And this guy wasn’t the only one, I don’t know why they do it that way. I just about didn’t come out to see you to be honest, but this whole thing has been great. It’s relaxed, you listen, and we actually get through stuff instead of running in circles fighting about the same stuff all the time.
-Brad & Kelly, Burlington

Your style is the reason I am where I’m at. You. You did it. Thank you so much man.
-Nate, HR Recruiter, Calgary

Ryan: Thank you so much for all of your help. I was a little hesitant to begin the process, but your open and relaxed communication style made it very easy to jump right in and get to work. You are incredibly easy to talk to, and I think that is one of the most important qualities in a counsellor. Opening up about personal topics and discussing major obstacles in life was not difficult because of your supportive counselling style. I am so impressed by the amount of progress and personal growth that occurred in such a short period of time. I definitely did not expect to have personal issues that I had been carrying with me for years be resolved in a few weeks, but your approach really got me to break everything down and get to work on building my better self. I am shocked by the amount of positive change that occured in such a short time period. I will definitely recommend you to anyone I know who may be in need of a counsellor, and I will absolutely be in touch for my own future needs.
-Kendall, Environmental Consultant, Victoria

You’re a game changer for me and I really appreciate everything you’ve done.
-Will, Photographer, San Diego

From jump street, you’re just easy to relate to. You’re just a normal guy who’s got experience, you shoot straight, you told me more than once when I was just blowing things out of proportion and really told me what I needed to hear.
-Anand, Entrepreneur, Hawaii
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