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Ep 2: Jennine Estes on Affairs, Infidelity, and Rebuilding Trust

By February 25, 2015 March 23rd, 2021 Podcasts

Really happy with the way things are going, another GREAT episode! Jennine Estes has more than a decade of experience working with couples, and today she shares a TON of amazing info on how to deal with infidelity, step by step – both for the partner who was cheated on AND the person who had the affair.

I love that because it’s an angle that’s rarely covered. If we shame people who cheat and don’t try to understand the underlying causes we can’t move forward.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of the show, links so you can listen to the episode, and a list of all the relevant links we mentioned in the show.

Episode Summary:

1:20 – If You’ve Had An Affair, Do This To Fix Your Relationship
5:10 – 5 Steps to Overcoming Infidelity in Your Relationship
7:35 – Long Term Affairs vs One Night Stands
16:00 – Admitting an Affair vs Being Caught
21:30 – What To Do When You Develop Feelings for Someone Else
25:15 – Dealing with Frustration and Anxiety caused by cheating
28:35 – Modern Technology and Cheating: texting, tinder and more
34:30 – If Needs Aren’t Met for Years, Is Cheating OK?
38:25 – Should You Change For Your Partner?
41:40 – How to Set Realistic Expectations Without Settling

Listen to Episode 2: Jennine Estes on Affairs, Infidelity, and Rebuilding Trust

To download the episode as an mp3, right-click here and select “save link as”.
Links and Topics from the Episode:

1) Jennine’s (very nicely designed) website.

2) An AMAZING podcast by Jennine a fellow couples therapist on relationships. If you like what I cover, you’ll LOVE her podcast.

3) Jennine’s blog offering free relationship advice. She’s super knowledgeable and offers a ton of solutions to practical relationship problems.


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  • Avatar Elle says:

    Hi Ryan,
    Love what you’re doing to educate people better about infidelity and how to heal from it. Wanted to let you know about a Web site ( I created six years ago after learning about my husband’s infidelity. It has become a hub of support for women who, primarily, choose to stay and rebuild their marriages. It can be hard for those of us who don’t leave — our culture doesn’t really support anything but a “kick the bum out, don’t be a doormat” narrative. It’s crucial to have a safe place to share your story, get advice, and hear compassionate supportive, non-judgemental views about how to move forward from this entirely too common situation.

    Kind regards,

  • Avatar Alma Theresa says:

    Very informative content ryan

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