Dr Chris Friesen Podcast

Episode 5: Dr. Chris Friesen on Biohacking, Focus, and Mental Performance

We're back! For those who don't know, I took a 6 month break to relocate across the country. I've interviewed ...
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3 Easy, Free Ways to Instantly Improve Your Relationship

It's been 7 years now. More than 1,000 people. And through it all, there has been a consistent pattern in ...
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Is Guilt Stopping You From Leaving Your Relationship?

Have you ever been fed up with someone, but felt like you couldn't leave them? When you finally get fed ...
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Adult Attachment Styles in Relationships Model

Adult Attachment Styles in Relationships

She goes through my phone all the time, but when I go through hers suddenly I'm invading her privacy, being ...
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The Psychology of Cheating

A while ago I wrote an article on the causes of cheating. The main thing I wanted to get across ...
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